Through the fires By Lou Percus


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Venture through the fires

And this work on earth In the 1980s, Author Lou Percus offers a complete book on ” The Old Religion” as a spiritual and magickal Path for gay men, written by a gay man. Through the fires also provides insights into the interactions between Witchcraft, paganism, and sexual identity from the early days of the widespread American publishing about witchcraft. The groundbreaking work for it’s time, it now offers us a perspective on what might have been, but for the authors passing.

Enemies pages, you will find a complete and unique expression of witchcraft, drawing from traditional elements, but in their own particular configuration. From information about a complete pantheon of gods, to the witches tools, spirituality versus religion, myth and ritual cycles, rites of passage, spell-work, and more, all with inclusion of and a specific focus on the needs of gay men.

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