Though my primary ministry is through teaching and writing, I also offer individual in-person sessions at my private office in Southern N.H. The following services are available at a rate of $100 for an hour session, which includes all materials needed, such as a flower essence, charm or astrological chart. Sessions must be booked in advanced. Email more information or to book an appointment.


The Tarot is an oracle of guidance to help you with life’s difficult decisions, giving information on the past, present and future. Using the 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana, you can tune into your highest guidance and learn the best course of action in a given situation. The readings focus is to connect to your highest guidance and give you the best possible advice in making changes to your life, not strict fortune telling or prophecy.


An interpretation of your birth, or natal, chart and the potential spiritual lessons and gifts in place at the time and place of your birth. Sessions end with a brief discussion of transits, the upcoming moments that will affect your life. For this reading your birth date, time and location as accurately as possible is required.


Healing occurs on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels, and for true healing to occur, one must be working on all of these levels. Through a combination of shamanic healing, ritual, energy work, herbs, crystals and flower essences, uniquely chosen for the current situation and client, a healing session is tailored to suit your own particular needs.


Although my focus is group classes and workshops, I sometimes offer private classes and tutorials in topics that I am versed. I am willing to customize personal teachings for your own path. Please have an idea of topics in mind to discuss with me prior to scheduling the lesson.


As a legally recognized and ordained minister through the Temple of Witchcraft. I am sometimes available for handfastings (pagan weddings), home blessings, child blessings, coming of age and other rites of passages. I warmly welcome both straight and gay couples to my services, though my primary focus is in serving the student body and ritual participants of my community. Handfasting are legally recognized as a wedding if a marriage certificate is filed. Non-legal handfasting rituals, as a commitment ceremony, are also available.