The Plant Spirit Familiar MP3 Music and Meditation


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Green Totems, Teacher and Healers on the Path of the Witch

Just as many people experience wisdom and healing with animal totems and guides, a similar relationship can be cultivated with the spirits of the plant world. Witches, shamans and healers know about the intelligence, love and power found within the herbs and trees, and learn to partner with them as totems and spirits guides. Witches have called such guiding spirits familiars, as they act as intermediaries between the worlds. The Plant Spirit Familiar is filled with herbal lore, rituals, meditations and magick, but more importantly, it is an invitation to open the gateway to the Green World.

While taught from the perspective of nature based spirituality rooted in the European traditions of magick, one does not need to be a Witch or Pagan to experience the blessings of the green world or work with plant familiars. It is open to all seekers. Learn about the three types of plant allies, the healing plants known as balms, the power plants known as banes and the spirit teachers found in the wise old trees. Work with the Green Man and the Lady of Flowers and enter the Soul Garden. Create sacred space for healing, meditation and shamanic journey, calling upon the plant spirits as guardian. Seek spiritual initiation from the plant world through ritual and sacrament. Deepen your spiritual connection with the Earth by growing roots strong within the land.