Esoteric Visionary Music: Evocation to Bridget (Music Only)


Music for a meditative journey to the goddess Bridget, composed by High Priest Christopher Penczak.


Part Two of the Esoteric Visionary Rituals series, lessons on a wide range of esoteric topics with each culminating in a deep, guided journey featuring music specially-composed for the ritual.

Note: This download is of the music track only for those interested in having it separately for their own ritual work.

Evocation to Bridget

Bridget are all faces of this incredible divinity rooted in the old gods and faery traditions and finding expression in Celtic Christianity. She is a triple goddess honored at Imbolc, and matron of healing, poetry and smith-craft. She is the goddess of health, inspiration and manifestation, along with her two sisters, also named Bridget. Her veneration is linked with sacred fires of Kildare Ireland and the water of holy wells. In some tales, she helped create the world through the use of her Green Mantle upon the land, creating the lush greenery of Ireland. What do you have to share with Bridget, and what might she share with you? Through a simple ritual and visionary journey, discover the blessings of Bridget for yourself.