Mystic Merkaba MP3 Music and Meditation




After many requests for recorded guidance on the complex Merkaba meditation featured in Ascension Magick, I now have available a MP3 recording guiding you through the visualizations and codes to activate the chariot of light. The Merkaba is a meditation based upon sacred geometry and the mysticism of the early Jewish mystics mapping the Tree of Life through direct experience.

It has become a core technique of my personal practice, transforming the energy body and preparing it to be a vessel for higher consciousness and dimensional travel. Through its use, you accelerate spiritual progression, visionary experiences, healing and manifestation. The activation of the Merkaba truly creates a Temple of Sacred Space around you, carried with you in daily life.

Truly transformative. With original meditative music, listen to me guide you through the visualizations of the sacred geometric forms, hand muddras and motions, pranic breath work and key codes from the Fibonacci sequence. Reading the Merkaba chapter in Ascension Magick is highly recommended to understand the specifics of the meditation.