Esoteric Visionary Music: The Temple of Thoth (Music Only)


Seek the wisdom of Thoth with this meditative journey music composted by High Priest Christopher Penczak.


Part Six of the Esoteric Visionary Rituals series, lessons on a wide range of esoteric topics with each culminating in a deep, guided journey featuring music specially-composed for the ritual.

Note: This download is of the music track only for those interested in having it separately for their own ritual work.

The Temple of Thoth

Thoth. Tehuti. Hermes Trismegistus. Mercurius ter Maximus. Scribe of the Gods. Magician. Trickster. Guide. Creator. Lord of the Moon. Master of Alchemy. Keeper of the Sacred Word. Seek the wisdom of this Sage God, sometimes Ibis Headed, and sometimes Ape Headed, in this inner world temple and record hall. Learn from him the meaning of the magickal voice, of science and sorcery, and the creation of the cosmos. Learn what Thoth has to teach you for the unfolding of the world.