Esoteric Visionary Music: The King of the Hollow Hill (Music Only)


Seek the Lord of the Hollow Hill with this meditative music composed by High Priest Christopher Penczak.


Part Five of the Esoteric Visionary Rituals series, lessons on a wide range of esoteric topics with each culminating in a deep, guided journey featuring music specially-composed for the ritual.

Note: This download is of the music track only for those interested in having it separately for their own ritual work.

The King of the Hollow Hill

The ancient mounds are often considered not only burial tombs, but portals to lands within the Earth, and to the most ancient layers of consciousness. Humans seek them to interface with a time, place, and consciousness older and wiser than our own. Seek the Lord of the Hollow Hill. Ancestral Warrior? Faery King? Giant? Archangel? Who sleeps and dreams the dream in the Heart of the Earth. Can you participate in this dream?