Esoteric Visionary Music: The Call of the Morrighan (Music Only)


Music to seek the dark goddess the Morrighan in vision, composed by High Priest Christopher Penczak, author of Feast of the Morrighan.


Part Nine of the Esoteric Visionary Rituals series, lessons on a wide range of esoteric topics with each culminating in a deep, guided journey featuring music specially-composed for the ritual.

Note: This download is of the music track only for those interested in having it separately for their own ritual work.

The Call of the Morrighan

Hear the wings of the dark goddess beating for you. Explore the mysteries of her gifts: courage, sorcery and prophecy. Here face is triple and entwined with the goddesses Badb, Macha and Nemain. The Morrighan is not just a goddess of war, but of life, death, and magick. She is seen as one with the great mother Anu. Her totems are the crow, raven, wolf, cow and eel. She is a goddess of necessity and her people are the Warriors and Witches who hear the call to do not what they want, but what is needed. Learn about the Morrighan and seek her in visionary ritual.