Witches Wisdom Coins Full Set


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Created by Christopher Penczak & Deva Designs
Carry a little magick in your pocket.
Beautiful rose blessing coins are perfect touchstones of healing & deep magick. Use them as an oracle to remind you of the sacred message you need to hear. Carry them to cast a blessing upon yourself and others. 12 Coin Full Wisdom coin Set contains: a Full set of all 12 coins in “scroll” pocket carrying case and layout mat and a Witches Wisdom card.
12 powerful inscriptions of time-tested wisdom. Great for seekers & dreamers of all kinds.
All Witches Heal
One of the powers of the Witch is to heal. Witchcraft is ultimately a healing path of remaking yourself. Witches heal themselves, others, and the world with magick and presence.
Speak Wisely
Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? These are the three gates of speech followed by the wise. Your words invoke your magick, consciously and unconsciously, so speak wisely.
The Earth is my Temple
While witches have many sacred spaces and places, the Earth itself is our holiest of holy temples and at the same time the Great Goddess we love and honor.
A Witch is Never Alone
A Witch is never alone, for we know we are surrounded by a world of invisible spirits, faeries, angels, ancestors, and deities. While our path may be lonely at times, we are never alone.
Blessed Be
A blessing, greeting, and farewell of the Witches, for one of the powers of the Witch is to bless.
Know Thyself
Inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, this wisdom is a guiding light to seekers everywhere. Self knowledge is necessary to truly enter the gateway of the mysteries.
As Above, So Below
The wisdom of the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence. The heavens are reflected in the earth, and the outer world is reflected in the inner world. Change one and you change the other.
Desire is Sacred
Desire is personal & it becomes the gateway to understand our soul’s true will, or sacred desire. By exploring what you yearn to experience, you uncover your true joy, purpose, & fulfillment.
Perfect Love & Perfect Trust
The Witch’s circle is bound by truly unconditional love & sacred trust in the divine gods & goddess for the highest good of all. We aspire to live to these ideals.
I am a Child of Earth & the Starry Heavens
Recited as a key by initiates of the Greek Orphic Mysteries upon entering the Underworld, to be offered waters of memory rather than forgetfulness. We are the children of the Earth & the stars.
The Goddess is Alive
Our Goddess is alive in all things, including you. Everything in the universe is not only born from, but is a part of the Great Goddess, just as our cells are a part of us. We are all connected by her. Everything is interconnected.
Preserve the Mysteries. Reveal them often.
The Mysteries are preserved not by hiding them away, but by revealing them in ways that allow those with the eyes to see & ears to hear to find them. We must hold the door open for those who follow.
Talismans are fine American lead-free pewterProudly Handcrafted in USA.
Copyright © 2021 Christopher Penczak

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