The Spiritual Immune System

Date(s) - 04/04/2019
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Temple of Witchcraft


Dark Moon Mysteries Class

“As above, so below; As within, so without” is the teaching, and through it, we can better understand the parallels between our physical immune system and our spiritual immune system. Explore the esoteric parallels to bacteria, viruses, parasites and the anti-bodies and immune response. Look at how the magician’s body works with curses, otherworld attack, geopathic stress, destructive beings, backlash, impact from non-human realms, and personal and collective karma. Learn remedies and how to work with your body to optimize your magickal health. For intermediate practitioners, not beginners to magick and Witchcraft. Ideally for students currently in Witchcraft 3 or higher, or similar experience with ritual, meditation and occult history. Must pre-register. Email with the Subject Dark Moon Mystery Class and the date to register. Space is Limited.

Cost: $25