The Roots of Humanity

Date(s) - 11/26/2019
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Temple of Witchcraft


Dark Moon Mysteries Class

Theosophy and old world occultism often describe the origins of humanity in the stars and through a series of evolutions through the cosmic ages. From the Metallic Ages of the Greeks to the myths of Atlantis and Lemuria, our evolution moves through a mythos of falling and return. Through vision work, explore the mythic origins of humanity, comparing it with current science’s understanding of our earliest ancestors. For intermediate practitioners, not beginners to magick and Witchcraft. Ideally for students currently in Witchcraft 3 or higher, or similar experience with ritual, meditation and occult history. Must pre-register. Email with the Subject Dark Moon Mystery Class and the date to register. Space is Limited.

Cost: $25