The Mystery of Archangel Uriel

Date(s) - 05/26/2020
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Moth and Moon Studio


One of the most mysterious and magickal of the archangels, Uriel, has a variety of different and conflicting roles in angelic lore. In The Book of Enoch he is one of humanity’s advocates before the Great Flood. Along with Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael, he rules the elements, directions and seasons around the magick circle, being the archangel of the element of Earth and the North. He is the “light of God” having us turn to the divine for guidance, and is associated with not only light, but the sun, stars and lightning. In modern ceremonial magick Uriel is the archangel of the abyss and hidden knowledge. As the hidden light within the Earth he is also the archangel of vegetation, fertility and the faery races, while having associations with mortality, death and the grave. Come experience this archangel of light for yourself through the study of the lore and guided visionary meditation and ritual.

Cost: $30