Templefest 2024

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Date(s) - 08/30/2024 - 09/02/2024
All Day


Templefest 2024

August 30, 2024 – September 2, 2024
Prindle Pond Conference Center,
Charlton, MA


Opening Ritual: Building the Pyramid of Witches
Come together in community to build the pyramid of earth, fire, air, and water, the hall of the four hallows where wisdom lives. Through the science and art of sacred geometry, we resonate with the rhythm of the land and the spirits of our timeless tradition, placing sacred intentions within the pyramid.

Empowerment in the Witch’s Pyramid
with Christopher Penczak, Jason Gamache and Taurus Ministry
Usually a symbolic teaching on the elements and the virtues of the Witch, today we work with the pyramid shape in physical manifestation as a healing and balancing structure in harmony with the sacred geometry of the Sun and local land. Participate in healing work by holding one of the five elements and attuning your body to the powers the elemental flow through the pyramid of our opening ritual.

Aquarius Rite: Bearing the Phoenix of Light
This year we start a 12 year process of the precessing backwards through the zodiac rites of the Temple MInistry Spirits. The work of Aquarius is the work of community, embracing both the paradigm shifting rebel and the spirit of social responsibility. Aquarius creates, kindles and stirs the cauldron of community for our service and evolution. Titled the Water Bearer, this air sign is often aligned with the image of the Eagle of Zeus, and the divine light bearers, Prometheus and Lumiel. In the Glastonbury Zodiac, Aquarius is presented as the Phoenix, the divine bird of fire and resurrection, bearing the New Aeon to the world. Through this sacred rite, bear the blessings of water, of air, and of fire to our community. Please bring a candle, a cup and an herb/resin to add to the incense blend.

The Sabbat of the Seven Keys
In body, soul, and spirit join the chaos and cosmos of the Eternal Sabbat. Come to the grove by procession from the sacred fire, singing the song of stars. Entering into agreement with the horned god to commune with the beast and the lady of fate. Understand the sabbat as feast, battle, sex, and dance, each with their own key to the mysteries! 

A ritual of movement and dance, though participants are welcome to bring a chair. Those will mobility concerns can arrive before the procession.

The Witches’ Sabbat and the Crooked Path
As we look ahead on the crooked path, how we see the twists and turns shape us as much as our experiences. Do we view our life as a journey, a test, an agreement, a feast, a battle, a relationship or a game? The Witch’s Sabbat teaches us about the eternal dance of the Soul of the World, the interweaving of the web of fate. Learn how the seven steps of the sabbat are keys to a deeper practice and experience of life.

Closing Ritual: Releasing the Pyramid of the Witches
As you offered blessings to the hall of the four hallows, we now receive blessings from the community to take back to our homes and local community. Gather with us as we say farewell to another Templefest gathering.