Faeries, Elementals and Nature Spirits

Date(s) - 12/05/2019
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Tintagel's Gate


What are faeries? Who are the elves? How are they similar to, and different from, other forms of nature spirits, elementals and devas. Seek understanding with the gnomes, salamanders, sylphs and undines, as well as the nymphs, dryads, fauns and satyrs. Develop a relationship with the spirits of the land often referred to as the genius loci or land wights. Understand the nature and ancestral link to your own home spirits, or house elf. Explore the mystery of the triple soul of nature, reconciling all of these various esoteric theories from different cultures, seeking the higher, lower and middle world souls of nature and its guardians.

Cost: $35