Dark Moon Mysteries: Temple Building

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Date(s) - 11/04/2021
12:00 am


Temple Building


Thursday Nov 4, 7-9:30 PM Eastern via Zoom


Magickal Temple Building is a tradition art and science lost to most of us today, but thankfully being rediscovered and reinvented. Magickal temples ideally function as energetic engines for various purposes, harnessing the power of sacred geometry, alignment, specific substances and regular ritual. They interface the forces in our world with the unseen forces of the spiritual world, and engage gods, spirits and ancestors appropriate to their purpose. Explore some ideas of building the outer and inner temple for personal and community use in a healthy and balanced manner. Must pre-register.

Please contact Debbie at sightseer111@gmail.com at the beginning of the month for the link to Constant if you are not on Facebook. The Constant Contact link will be posted on Facebook and also under the Temple of Witchcraft class calendar.

Image by adege from Pixabay