Join Christopher Penczak in this intense study for training as a High Priestess or High Priest in the temple tradition of modern witchcraft. Through the first seven classes, learn the Temples of Initiation are within you through an in depth study of the seven gates of the Underworld, as modeled by the chakras, planets, underworld castles, alchemical operations and the miracle of bread, as each presents a series of challenges and lessons. No one can initiate you in the deepest mysteries of magick and spirit except for yourself, as through this work, you will learn to offer yourself to your highest self and gods in a ritual of initiation. Learn the mysteries of the seven gates, the secrets of the elder races and previous worlds, the secrets of the measure, unlocking the mysteries of the blood and ancestors, left and right hand path magicks, personal codes of ethics, the weaving of wyrd and your own secret names for the Goddess and God. Study the philosophy and wisdom of the modern pagan world. Use meditation, ritual and psychic ability to integrate the sacred, living magick into your daily life. Bring a deep sense of self -awareness, healing and transformation. Through shamanic initiation, face your fears and shadows. Develop leadership, healing, teaching and counseling skills. Through a world religion and mythology survey, understand the wisdom of the witch is the wisdom of the world. Round out your magical education through a year study program based on the twelve zodiac signs and their lessons where you will be challenged to lead, teach and serve the community. Learn the skills of the High Priest or High Priestess to better serve yourself and your community. Live the life of the witch. Students must have completed Witchcraft I through IV to apply. The Living Temple of Witchcraft Volume I and II is required texts for the class. Students are expected to complete required class work and homework assignments.

For more information, registration, and payments, please visit Witchcraft V: The Living Temple – Online at the Temple of Witchcraft site. Please note that Witchcraft V, unlike other Mystery School Classes is only offered every other year due to small class sizes and the length of the overall program.