Thoughts About Sept. 11.

Originally published in Wisdom, Nov 2001

Like everyone, I have had difficulty coming to terms with the destruction of September 11, 2001. So I meditated and asked for guidance. I asked the Great Mother, “Why? What is the purpose?” In my mind’s eye, I saw a clear image of the Tower card of the tarot. Symbolically it means unforeseen breakdowns and catastrophes. Literally, the card described the recent events. This didn’t answer my question.

Then I saw the other cards of the major arcana. As they quickly flashed, images in the cards described history, from creation to the evolution of modern society. The Tower vanished to reveal the Star card. The Star’s message is about finding light, hope, inspiration, and a higher purpose. Through this comes peace and spiritual love. Astrologically, the Star is associated with Aquarius, the sign of the next golden age of enlightenment.

I remembered how I explain the Tower card to others. Although traumatic, it can herald great healing and transformation. I thought of the Star as hope for the New Age. I keep these images in my heart, and as I walk on, I envision the dawning of the Star now, for everyone. I encourage all who read this to envision the dawning of the new Star, a herald of the next age. Use your magick, imagination, healing and intentions to create the world where you want to live.

Blessed Be,

Christopher Penczak. harmony and protection.