Witches’ Insight Necklaces


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Wear a little magick! Designed by Christopher Penczak, with 6 powerful messages inscribed on the back to strengthen your intuition & connect to wisdom. Perfect touchstones of healing & deep magick.

The 6 Insights:

  • Psychic Eye – Connect to your own deep inner guidance, to strengthen your intuition
  • Ancestor Wisdom – Connect with the wisdom of the ancestors, to aid you on your path
  • Pentacle Magick – Connect to the magick in all things, to unlock answers in your life
  • Angelic Ally – Connect to divine angelic wisdom, for guidance and protection
  • Snake Wisdom – Connect to the wisdom of your body, to read the patterns of your life, for health & happiness
  • Flower of Mystery – Connect to the spirits of Nature, for the wisdom guidance of the heart of the Earth

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Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in
Type of Pendant

Psychic Eye, Ancestor Wisdom, Pentacle Magick, Angelic Ally, Snake Wisdom, Flower of Mystery