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Star Wisdom Pendants

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Magickal Talismans based upon the wisdom of the Zodiac and its magickal spirit to help you grow, evolve and transform. Regardless of your birthday, each star sign holds a wisdom and lesson for your life, as each are based upon the twelve magickal ministries of the Temple of Witchcraft.

One one side of this high sheen pewter pendant is the Temple of Witchcraft’s Sigil, a talisman to connect to the blessings of Witchcraft through the design of a triple spiral surrounded by a ten pointed star with twelve points around it. It embodies the powers of Love, Will and Wisdom, the Five Elements, Ten point of the Tree of Life and Twelve Zodiac Signs.

On the reverse side are individual glyphs for the wisdom of each star sign, emblazoned with the Zodiac Name, Archetype and Blessings. 

Each evokes the power of the sign and archetype as used in the Temple of Witchcraft and beyond.

A special all purpose design has the pentacle on one side with the Tempe of Witchcraft glyph on the reverse.

Reversible pewter pendants (1 ½” tall), designed by Christopher Penczak and the Temple of Witchcraft. Proceeds from the sales of these pendants go to support the Temple of Witchcraft, a 501c3 non-profit.


Pendant Type
Aries - Courage of the Warrior, Taurus - Grounding of the Steward, Gemini - Communication of the Trickster, Cancer - Nurturing of the Mother, Leo - Creativity of the Artisan, Virgo - Wholeness of the Healer, Libra - Balance of the Judge, Scorpio - Awakening of the Guardian, Sagittarius - Magick of the Teacher, Capricorn - Guidance of the Father, Aquarius - Individuality of the Rebel, Pisces - Joy of the Ecstatic, Pentacle - All Purpose