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Designed by Christopher Penczak, teacher, healing practitioner, an award-winning author, these Spell Charms help you focus your intentions to create the changes you want and need in your life.

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These spell coins are magickal charms designed to make magick easy and effective wherever you might be. Each coin in high polish pewter has a geometric talisman designed to draw forth beneficial influences for your intention. The reverse has a magickal verse that activates the spell. Includes are instructions on how to use the spell coin for maximum benefit.

Great as powerful talismans for the practitioner, or gifts for those who need a little magick in their lives.

The first five in the series deal with some of the most common issues that people have for magick: Healing, Love, Prosperity, Protection, and Psychic Sight.

The second five in the series deal with Career Success, Dreams, Magickal Power, Meditation and Safe Travel.

The third set of the series are for aid in Ancient Wisdom, Grounding, Rebirth & Creativity, Spiritual Evolution and Wishes.

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All, Prosperity, Healing, Protection, Psychic Sight, Dreams, Safe Travel, Career Success, Magickal Power, Meditation, Love, Ancient Wisdom, Grounding, Rebirth and Creativity, Spiritual Evolution, Wishes, Set One, Set Two, Set Three