Pendulum Magick


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Connect to divine knowledge. Crystal pendulums with special talismans to connect you with magickal intention & wisdom. Gemstone Pendulums in 6 different intentions.

Using traditional esoteric symbols & imagery, each pendulum intentionally evokes specific magickal forces for clear answers to your questions.

The US made lead free pewter talismans have the magickal sigil on one side, and the incantation on the other. Corresponding gemstone pendulums have been specially chosen for each sigil, and include Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Blue Quartz, and Black Obsidian. All our pendulums are hand cut and polished.  Size of pendulums: approx 3/4″ to 1 1/2″. Size of pewter talisman: approx 1″.

The six kinds are:

  • Psychic Eye – Inner Guidance, Intuition, Deep Knowledge, Past-Present-Future, Decisions
  • Angelic Ally – Protection, Guidance, Foresight, Angel Wisdom, Heavenly Perspective, Divine Will
  • Pentacle Magick – Purpose, Guidance, Soul, Magick, Elemental Wisdom, Fire-Air-Water-Earth-Spirit
  • Ancestor  – Guidance, Aid, Ancestor Wisdom
  • Snake Wisdom – Healing, Health, Happiness, Family, Friends, Body, Patterns, Truth
  • Flower of Mystery – Guidance, Connection, Insight, Nature, Elementals, Earth Wisdom

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Psychic eye, Angelic Ally, Pentacle Magick, Ancestor, Snake Wisdom, Flower of Mystery