Esoteric Visionary Music: The Horned God and the Wild Hunt (Music Only)


Seek the Master of the Wild Hunt with this meditation music composed by High Priest Christopher Penczak.


Part Ten of the Esoteric Visionary Rituals series, lessons on a wide range of esoteric topics with each culminating in a deep, guided journey featuring music specially-composed for the ritual.

Note: This download is of the music track only for those interested in having it separately for their own ritual work.

The Horned God and the Wild Hunt

The Hunt. The Chase. The Night Battles through the lands and sky. They are all manifestations of the forces of rebalance when the natural and divine order is disturbed, a magickal response to minimize harm and restore order. The Master of the Wild hunt runs through the dark forests roads and hidden tracks in the wintertide, gathering up the lost and haunted souls, and those who disturb the peace of the land. Led by a hunter, an ancestral hero, a faery, or divinity, the troupe of otherworldly inhabitants seem to haunt the land, but also return the dead to their realm in the dark half of the year. Encounter the Master of the Hunt to see if your work intersects with trouping company.