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The Three Rays of Witchcraft


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Inspired by a Vision of Awen depicting a spear, a flowering branch and a horned serpent emanating from three drops of wisdom and surrounded by three worlds, Christopher Penczak received a teaching to reconcile many of the disparate parts of modern Witchcraft into a cohesive body of magickal lore for personal evolution and enlightenment. This teaching was experimented with, expanded upon and are now shared through this work, The Three Rays of Witchcraft: Power, Love and Wisdom in the Garden of the Gods.

Striving to bring all the threads of his personal practice together, including such diverse topics as modern Wicca, Traditional Craft, Druidism, Theosophy, Qabalah, Shamanism and alternative health, the Three Rays provided a powerful framework to artistically synthesize many different techniques and theologies into a greater tapestry. The text outlines a model of the universe based upon the forces of Power, Love and Wisdom. Associated with each is a path, a ray, that we can travel spiritually and evoke energetically. Known as the Straight Line, the Bent Line and the Crooked Line, each offers different opportunities of magick, knowledge and initiation. Each ray is associated with a race of spiritual entities with whom we can partner, including the angels, faeries and creatures of flesh and blood, including the animal powers and ancestors.