The Soul of Faerie

Date(s) - 05/14/2021 - 05/16/2021
All Day

The Sacred Cauldron


Weekend Intensive

May 14 -16 2021 ( Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday)

We seek a new understanding and model of the realm of enchantment, corresponding with the models of the Witch’s Soul, yet intimately linked with the landscape and nature. The nature of Faerie is confusing and contradictory until we start to explore the concept of the realm and the beings as one soul, yet many souls.


In this unique weekend intensive we will explore how figures like the Queen, King, Nobility, Guardian, Steward, Puck, and Master of the Hunt work together. We will learn how the devas, genius loci, and elementals play a role in the nature of faerie and see how faerie animals work with us.

As we explore the myths of familiar faerie queens, including Mab, Una, Morgan, Titania and the Witches Diana, Aradia and Herodias and delve into the various theories on the realm and its beings, we will surely connect with a deeper part of the earth and ourselves.


In this amazing weekend you will also discover how faeries might follow a familial line, while others are tied to a land and cannot cross it as we work on finding a greater understanding of traditions past, modern lore and compacts between humanity and the realm of fey.


In vision and ritual, work with the Faery realm we will touch on magikcal work for the revitalization of the damaged land, the weaving of fate, the restoration of true memory and immersion in the matrix of being to restore the relationships between us and the shining ones.



$225 including catered lunch on Saturday and Sunday

Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay