The Healing of Archangel Raphael

Date(s) - 06/30/2020
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Circles of Wisdom


Beloved Archangel Raphael is known as the divine physician and healer, bringing healing to those who request his aid. Often depicted with the shepherd’s staff or walking stick, he is the patron of pilgrims, wanderers and seekers upon the path of the mysteries. Along with the Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Uriel, he rules the elements, seasons and directions around the magick circle, being the archangel of the element of air, the east and springtime. In the heaven’s Raphael is often considered the archangel of Mercury, keeper of the divine libraries, sacred roads, and healing temples, though some system attribute him to the Sun. His multiple roles have him associated with such varied roles as science, health, prayer, peace, love, travel, companionship, protection, the underworld, the Garden of Eden and the Apocalypse. Come experience this archangel of healing for yourself through the study of the lore and guided visionary meditation and ritual.

Cost: $55