The Harvest of Trivia

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Date(s) - 08/12/2020
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


The Harvest of Trivia with Christopher Penczak

Hosted by Heart, Body and Soul and the Temple of Witchcraft 

August 12, 7 PM Central Time 

Seek a new experience of the harvest celebration through the mysteries of light, darkness, and lightning. Celebrated today as the Feast of Hecate, drawing from the lore of the Nemoralia, or Festival of Torches sacred to the goddess Diana Trivia at Lake Nemi. Held in the sacred wood of Diana’s Mirror, and offering of lighted candles and foods were left at the shores. The season is associated with the dog star Sirius, the hunting dogs were garlanded with flowers as well as the people, for her protection extended to all creatures greater and small. While hunting weapons could be polished, no killing is permitted at this feast. Small boats illuminated with lamps took visitors from each end of the lake. The Catholic Church later absorbed many ideas around this time into the Feast of the Assumption, celebrating the end of Mother Mary’s life upon Earth and bodily assumption into heaven where she reigns as Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Angels. Pagan lore associates Hecate as a Queen of Heaven and of the Angels. While not having classical associations with storm, yet having power of the three realms of the earth, sky, and sea after the Olympians War with the Titians, Hecate grew to have associations with the storms, and modern practitioners celebrate her on August 13, citing a believe in an ancient festival to protect the crops from violent storms. Today, we seek the mysteries of where the river meets the sea in the time of darkness. We seek the light reflected off of gentle waters, or the lightning flashing its voice of mystery. We gather henbane to unite the heavens and the realm of the dead by the lighting strike and storm, and seek a harvest not of grains or grapes, but the seeds of illumination to grow within us. May we sink deep into the darkness and rise up to the heavens, to return again to the Earth by traveling through light and lightning. Seek the vision of the sea and storm and learn the mysteries of the eye within. Our session will include a lecture on these esoteric ideas, and a short moderated Q&A session followed by a visionary working into the Mysteries of Nemoralia, the Assumption and the Harvest of Trivia. You can use this material to deepen your own personal harvest rituals at home this year, and support local community.

Cost: $25