Hekate, the Mighty Dead, and the Soul of Witchcraft

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Date(s) - 11/11/2023 - 11/12/2023
All Day


Hekate, the Mighty Dead, and the Soul of Witchcraft

Hekatefest Online

November 11th and 12th, 2023


The Soul of the World is the connecting and mediating force of the cosmos, perceived as the soul of planet Earth on one level, and the starry soul of the cosmos on another. The anima mundi is the interconnecting and interpenetrating force. In some theurgic practices, Hekate is seen as this anima mundi as well as the mistress of magick and triple Queen of Witches. In the mystical practices of the modern Witch, the Mighty Dead are both venerated ancestors who died with sorcerous might, and those who find collective understanding and union with the Soul of the World. Explore growing concepts of magick as a fundamental force, the ancestors, the Goddess of Witches, and the Soul of Witchcraft and end with a guided journey to seek your own personal understanding. Have a candle on hand for the meditation.