Cerridwen and the Cauldron of Inspiration

Date(s) - 04/25/2019
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The Robin's Nest


Cerridwen, fierce and beloved Witch goddess brews the sacrament of awen in her holy cauldron. Living upon the mysterious island upon the lake, she is the mother of beautiful light, utter darkness, and the poetry of the bards. Explore the powers of the cauldron as a vessel of inspiration, abundance, healing, transformation and initiation. Look at the tale of Taliesin as the tale of the initiate moving through three darknesses towards rebirth. Explore the magick of shape shifitng as initiatory challenge, and the need to address the wrongs, often unintentional, of our past before moving onto our future. Seek her counsel and find the song within your own heart.

Cost: $35

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