A Day of Witchery

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Date(s) - 07/23/2023
11:00 am - 5:00 pm


A Day of Witchery

July 23, 2023, 11 am-5 pm

Pawtuxet Park (on the water)
The Seven Ancestors
with Christopher Penczak

We live in a web of relationships, of not only blood, but of place, time, and spirit. Recognize these connections and explore the role of the seven ancestors: Flesh; Blood, Milk; Honey, Bone; Stone, Bread; Breath, Spirit & Soul, the Forgotten Ones, and the Mighty Dead. Learn how to build relationships by making offerings, building altars, seeking visions and most importantly make peace with disquiet ancestors and embrace the beloved dead. Ask for their aid, blessing, protection, inspiration, wisdom, freedom, and empowerment as you aid them in their own spiritual journey.