Merkaba I

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Date(s) - 02/28/2021
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Merkaba I
Class Release Date:
Feb 28, 2021


The Merkaba is the “chariot of light” that is developed as the vehicle for consciousness in this and all worlds. A modern meditation used to craft the vessel of consciousness, the cosmic ark, so one can more fully embody the higher self and the energies expanding beyond ordinary consciousness in the waking world. Bridging between the occult and the New Age, the merkaba meditation uses precise sacred geometry of the Platonic Solids, visualization, energy work, breath work and mantra as a repeated, disciplined technique for spiritual development. Learn more how the mysteries of the Star Tetrahedron fit into the occultism of the Craft by learning more about Qabalah, Egyptian associations, circle magick, and the Mighty Dead. A very comprehensive course explaining the meditation and how to use your Merkaba for healing, protection, journeying and manifestation. Online Recording Only

*Prerequisite for Red Ray I, Yellow Ray I or Blue Ray I. If you have already taken Christopher’s Mystic Merkaba Class, you can waive this level 1 requirement.

Cost: $75

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay