Three Rays I

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Date(s) - 02/27/2021
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Three Rays I
Class Release Date:
Feb 27, 2021


The first in a three-level series, deeply exploring the Three Rays of Witchcraft in descent from the Divine Mind, Divine Heart and Divine Will into the Wheel of Fate. Understand the purpose and paradigm of the Three Rays and how it was received as well as the alchemy of the three cauldrons to prepare you for the work of the three rays. Align with the elements of the first cauldron, the planetary bodies of the second cauldron, and the triple power of the cauldron of the head to flow and fill your entire being. Learn about the straight path of the Sovereign, the bent path of the Seer and the crooked path of the Sorcerer, as well as the allies and powers aligned with each. Learn about the alignments of the Angelic, Faery and Ancestor realms. From here, determine which path you choose to walk for a time. Online Recording Only
*Prerequisite for Red Ray I, Yellow Ray I or Blue Ray I.

Cost: $75