As Witches we seek to consciously embody an interdependent and interconnected word while simultaneously developing our magickal will and personal evolution on an initiatory path, and while connection is so critical, sometimes it’s too much. Specifically the information overload that comes from being connected in various ways online through social media. Our society has changed so much about how people relate, communicate and obtain information in a short amount of time. Some of it is great but a lot of it is detrimental to both the path of magick and the human condition. The constant stimulation breaks natural cycles of rest, leaving us in a heighten system foe too long, taxing our nervous and endocrine systems, the very systems interfacing the most with the subtle magickal energies we seek.

In terms of collective thought forms, egregore, over lighting devas and group minds, social media “entities” are monstrous on the astral. While they may aspire to be networked mandalas of connection they present as cancerous tentacles and asymmetrical complexes of reverberating psychic energy. When a friend urged me to look at them with an inner eye, I thought it was crazy but she spoke a psychic truth. 

For many of us, social media ha become a part of our family, communities and business. You can’t cut off the bad without losing the good connections. Because we are not always ready to go cold turkey and sever it completely, I’ve found the following to be very helpful practice in managing the harmful connections. 


If you meditate before bed or when you are lying down take a moment I reflexes upon where and when you connected online – what services and apps? Phone? Desktop? Where there stressful interaction or enjoyable ones, or anything between? 

Call upon Archangel Uriel, who, among many other things, is often considered the Archangel of electricity and technological signal as the Archangel of Uranus. Uriel in their earthly form is seen with the pentacle, wheat or bread. In a celestial form, Uriel carries a scroll, torch or other source of light, as the Light of the Divine. Some modern art has Uriel with a scythe for Uriel and Azrael the Archangel of death are often linked. I usually see Uriel with an incandescent electrical-like torch. 

Ask Uriel to disconnect you from any and all harmful kinks in social media and online interactions. Feel the light of Uriel move down your front snd up your back, down your left side snd up your right, with each movement gently burning the psychic cords between you and these online astral corporations and the harmful and draining people you have encountered there. Let the night of Uriel protect and prevent more connections. 


Take note of how you sleep. Sharing this with others, people either sleep really well that first night or unwell because the disconnection feels so odd to them. The baseline stress became normal. Once you do it a few times you’ll sleep much better and realize the precious base like wasn’t that healthy.

While this doesn’t mean you can’t use social media, over time it will hopefully break some of the physicist snd more importantly psychic addiction and cultivate a place of detached understanding that such networks are tools. Just as we train to use our minds as a fool and not be riled by our minds, our social medial connections can be like a secondary artificial mind ruling us and our authentic self needs to learn to put this second mind in its proper place and role. Cultivate a posture of playful detachment and the many armed social media entities will not be able to easily hook you. 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels