Do you wish to be a healer? A reader? A teacher? A ritualist? Many of us seek to put our skills and gifts to service, but do not know how. Others take on the mantle of priest/ess or minister, and struggle to find how to work in the world. Join Christopher Penczak, who has been a professional Witch in some form or another since 1998, in this nine month course to explore how, why and if you should enter into the world of the public Witch.

We shall approach the topic from many angles, including services, ministry and business logistics. Together, explore your motivation, vision and how to set yourself up to be successful in such work. Understand what services you are qualified to offer and what ones you are not. Separate fact from fallacy, and manage your expectations. Learn how to work with clients and students. Explore larger ministry on activism and community building.  Look at the logistics and management of being an independent practitioner in a busy, competitive world.

Offered through the Temple of Witchcraft. Please visit The Professional Witch page on their site for additional information, open registrations, and details.

Image by loulou Nash from Pixabay