Explore the Royal Road of the Fool on the path of initiation through the twenty two gates of the Major Arcana. Study the traditional images and symbols of the Major Arcana tarot cards, including their number, letter, astrological correspondence, magickal images and place upon the paths of the Tree of Life. Understand the meaning and spiritual lesson of each card, alone and in relationship to each other through the 11 Gates and Keys and the Three Ladders of the Seven Operations. Through guided visionary journey, experience these powers directly and deepen your relationship with them. A transformative class when all 22 are experienced, though students are welcome to come for select cards and not all if desired. Bring your own deck of Tarot cards to use as a focus for the vision. Two Cards per class will be covered. This is not a course on how to read tarot professionally, but a course on the inner magickal teachings of the major arcana of the tarot.

Offered through the Temple of Witchcraft, please visit The Mysteries of the Tarot page on their site for open registrations and additional information.

Image by Daniel Albany from Pixabay