If you happen to be feeling anxious, upset, or another state of disquiet as we anticipate gods know what this coming week, may I offer a practice?

Assuming any magick you have intended is done and set in motion, I find it best not to then fixate upon the results as things are unfolding, but to let go of the intent as much as possible, the letting go of the “lust for results” has been critical in my experiences of manifestation, but obviously so hard in practical application when you deeply care about the results for yourself, for community, and for the world.

I suggest taking this step beyond grounding and centering, and as much as possible this week, as the election unfolds, being an anchor stone, a living standing stone, anchoring power and presence and minimizing flailing about in panic or anxiety as much as possible. Let it all flow around you like the wind or like water.

Start by taking a stone you love – while I highly encourage a natural normal stone from wherever you are living, you can also choose a favorite crystal. I might actually be using a Preseli Bluestone sphere, so who am I to tell you what to use or not use. If you feel an affinity for one of the Seven Rays of Light, you could also use that color stone to align and ground that ray.

Sit and meditate with the stone in your hands in whatever manner is comfortable. Feel yourself becoming like stone, as if you shapeshift into a human size standing stone, in stillness and silence, power and presence. Think about the solidness of stone, its natural resonance with the Earth and the cycles and rhythms of the Earth, that run deeper than any human cycle. Think about the ancient Earth, and how the elements of your body come from the ancient Earth, which in turn originated from stars. Think about how your consciousness is drawn forth from the Soul of the World, and likewise, that light originates from the stars beyond. Think big, but also think deep. Feel deep. Feel tapped into the peaceful and powerful telluric presence of the One Earth. Focus upon that presence and simply breathe.

Stay as long as you feel you should, and then return to waking consciousness, but try to keep that feeling of solid centeredness in your body and consciousness as you go about the day. Return to that meditation as often as you feel is helpful. Let the presence of the stone deepen your mindfulness in the present moment and not get swept up in any fear or fervor. See things clearly. Speak clearly. Act from a place of clarity.