Start with three deep breaths.
Focus upon your body.
GIve your body permission to relax.
Feel waves of relaxation starting at the top of your head and flowing through your body.
Start by relaxing the muscles in your head and neck.
Relax the muscles in your shoulders and arms.
Feel waves of relaxation moving through your arms, down through your hands and out your fingers.
Feel waves of relaxation moving down your body, relaxing your back.
As you breathe in and out, relax your chest.
Waves of relaxation continue to move down your spine and into your lower back.
Relax down into your lower back, into your abdomen and your hips.
Give your body permission to relax.
Waves of relaxation flow through the trunk of your body and into your legs, relaxing your thighs.
Relax your calves and shins.
Relax your ankles and feet.
Waves of relaxation move through your body, out through your hands and feet, fingers and toes.
Your body is relaxed.
Relax your mind.
Waves of relaxation move through your mind.
All thoughts are like white wispy clouds moving across the blue sky of your mind.
Each breath gently blows away all unwanted thoughts.
Let your breath take any thought from the day, leave you clear.
Your mind is clear and peaceful, like the blue sky.
Open your heart.
Waves of relaxation open your heart.
Feel the rhythm of your heart, beating.
Feel the beating as Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
Your heart is infusing your blood with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust in each beat.
Focus upon your heart, and within it find the light of your souls.
Within your heart is a triple flame of blue, red, and yellow, shining like a candle.
With each breath the heart flame grows brighter, like a lamp, like a shining lantern, burning like a torch torch.
As you breathe in and out, feel the light become like a small sun, a star within your chest.
The light of the star illuminates your blood, filling it with crystalline light.
The light shines through your entire body, illuminating all your organs and tissue, down to the marrow of your bones.
The light shins outward, into all the cells of your body, and passing between the cells, shining out through the pores of your skin.
The light shines outward, illuminating every fiber of your aura, filling your aura until you become like the center of a star, surrounded and filled with a brilliant shining light.
The light illuminates all that you do.
The light illuminates all who you are.
Let this light radiate out into the world.
Blessed be.