An online version of the Inner Temple year-long apprenticeship. Experience direct tutoring in the practice of modern witchcraft through self-directed study, online discussion, supplementary online material and homework assignments. Topics include the history and role of the witch, magickal ethics, trance inducing techniques, instant magick, magickal theory, energy manipulation, protection magick, psychic self defense, psychic development, aura gazing, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, psychic healing, spirit guide contact, past life exploration, shamanic journey and building your personal place of power, your inner temple or soul shrine. Develop a solid personal practice in the internal arts of witchcraft. Use “instant” meditative magick to transform your inner and outer life. Unlike many basic 101 courses, Witchcraft I provides a deep foundation for all magickal and spiritual studies, rather than a quick spell book and rituals. For those desiring to meditate, develop psychic skills and start the path of the witch.  A foundation piece to further training in the five level Temple of Witchcraft tradition. This year-long course fuses material from The Inner Temple of Witchcraft text (required reading) with previous unreleased rituals and rites. The Inner Temple CD Companion is also required for the online class. Students are expected to complete required homework assignments.

For further details and registration and payment information, please visit Witchcraft I: The Inner Temple – Online on the Temple of Witchcraft site.