Witches, shamans and mystics are walkers between the worlds. We walk between the seen and unseen, working with the subtle forces of nature. We walk with the past, present and future. We commune with distant stars. And we work with spirits.

Spirits are a non-physical beings. They are consciousness in pure energy. They come in all forms, since form is probably a tool we use to interact with them. They exist in the other levels of reality, like the astral plane. We are spirits embodied, or incarnate, on this planet. Most embodied spirits, people, are not aware of the invisible beings interacting with them.
Surprisingly so many pagans are oblivious to the spirits around them. They may understand them and believe in them, but lack direct experience with them. Spirit work can be an important aspect to the craft, and an invaluable aid in many other areas of life. To start our spirit work, we contact our guides.

Spirit guides are non-physical beings who have taken on the task to aid you in this incarnation. Even if you are unaware of them, they are there to help you. Some believe in spiritual hierarchies, soul groups or other explanations. In my experience spirit guides may appear as actual people who have lived before, perhaps a deceased relative, or guardian angels. They may come as totem animals, your higher self, spiritual aliens, Mother Mary or the voice of gods and goddesses. For pagans they often come as souls who have traveled the pagan path in previous lives. These are different forms guidance may come to us. And guidance comes to us in the way we need it most.

Intent is the strongest tool for connecting with your spirit guides. If you consciously want this communication and are ready for it, then it will happen. And it is much easier than you think. Along with intent, allow. Allow the experience to happen without being self-conscious. Invite your imagination to take part. You will be using your psychic abilities to hear and even see your guides and for that to happen you must be open and receptive. You don’t have to be a gifted psychic. Everybody can commune with their own guides.

Take some quiet time alone to contact your guides. Light a candle. Affirm you seek to contact the guides correct and good for your, harming none. Relax your body. Feel all tension and nervousness melt away. Close your eyes. Relax your mind and relax your spirit. Again ask to contact your guides. Allow the experience to happen.

For those concerned about accidentally reaching evil spirits, do whatever protection magic you have. Some visualize a crystal shield protecting them. You may wear a pentacle, charm or potion for protection. Or light protective incense like sage or frankincense and myrrh. By affirming you want only the guides correct for you at this time, you shouldn’t have any problems. This isn’t playing with a Quiji board, but if you sense a malevolent spirit, ask it to leave three times, continue with your protection rituals and ignore it. Most unhappy spirits get bored when ignored.
As you invite this experience to happen, you may feel an astral doorway, a portal open before you, and see images of your guides stepping out. At first the images may be blurry or an outline. Go with the image. Relax and let it happen. The images will get clearer. If they don’t, ask the guide to make itself more apparent. You usually get what you ask for. Some may start to hear voices speaking to them instead of images. Go with your own personal experience.

Once you feel you have made contact, your guides may start speaking to you. If you have more than one present, they may all speak at once. Ask them to speak one at a time. You may see them like a silent film. They are talking, but there is no volume. Ask them to be more clear. I couldn’t hear my guides the first time I met them, and it took me ages to find the solution. Just ask. They may be quiet and you will have to initiate things. many do not speak unless spoken to first. Start by asking them their names and what their purpose is. Ask them about themselves, where they come from and where they have been. Don’t be surprised if they have questions for you. You are building a relationship, like any other.

Guides can aid you in many ways. Some help with difficult issues in your life. You often feel like you are talking to yourself, until your guide offers a solution you would never think of. Other guides come for specific lessons and leave once you learn them. They can be personal, informational and magical. Many guides help me with spells, helping me create symbols and potions. Some are for protection, invoked when you feel things are unsafe. Let the guide work with you to discover the nature of your relationship.

My first spirit guides appeared to me in a workshop. One is feminine, an Arabian princess, with elf-like features and dark skin. She helps me with healing and emotional issues. The other is tall, thin, light hair and masculine. He is a teacher. They both often help when I’m doing a tarot session. Sometimes during a reading I will even hear or see my client’s guides.
Since then more guides have appeared. I lovingly refer to them as the entourage. I work with one specifically in dreams. Another is the goddess Macha. And I work with the Spider and Crow totems. They keep coming out of the woodwork, exactly when I need one. Open yourself to this amazing spiritual resource. When the seeker is ready, the guide