The Magick of Avalon Weekend Intensive

Explore the magick and mystery of the enchanting realm of Avalon. Entwined with the teaching of British Faery Lore and Arthurian Romance, mixed with the local legends of Glastonbury England, learn about the nature of the Apple Isle and the being inhabiting it from traditional myth and legend, more modern tales and the gnosis of magickal practitioners. Receive an overview of the main points of the Arthurian Mythos. Work with the timeless figures and function of Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin and Morgana as King, Queen, Magician and Priestess. Explore the Dragon Cave of Merlin, the Nine Maidens, The Round Table of Stars, the Chapel of the Green Knight and the Castle of the Holy Grail. Communicate with the Nine Maidens of the Island and the Phoenix of the New Aeon. Beginners and more advanced practitioners welcome. No previous knowledge of Arthurian Lore required.