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The Witches Coin


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Prosperity and money are the most requested goals of many beginning spell casters. Witches seek to live in balance and trust the Goddess and God to provide what is needed, but also must take an active role in creating our own success.

This is a perfect post-holiday book. As people face a stack of credit card bills and post-celebration, dark-of-winter doldrums, a discussion of what prosperity really is and how it can be achieved will be very appealing. The author’s answers, while not a magic panacea, will move readers back onto the road of hopefulness and self-determination. (“The secret is the paradox of simultaneously being focused on your goal, putting all the necessary energy into manifesting it, but not being attached to the outcome. It’s the mix of will and surrender.”)

Penczak draws on basic psychological common sense, energy work, and Universal Law. The subtleties of the writing contain very sophisticated, but clearly communicated, metaphysical philosophy. The book is dense with information about many subjects (chakras, astrology, Feng Shui, spells, potions, etc.) that serious practitioners will find useful, but it is written in a manner to provide easy access for beginners. (“Nature is both bountiful and dangerous. When we think we are entitled to something, we stop working.”) There are also many esoteric teachings hidden within discussions of more mundane matters. The astute reader will learn much.