Ascension Magick Series

Ascension Magick is a system of magickal practice for spiritual evolution, drawing from the wisdom of both traditional western magick, Qabalah, Wicca and shamanism and the traditions of Theosophy, lightwork and eastern spirituality. Together we explore the truths common to many of the world’s religions and magickal systems, and find the symbols and traditions that work for us on our personal path in the next aeon. Learn the meaning and origins of esoteric terms and traditions found in much of our modern metaphysical spirituality. Ascension Magick emphasizes a true partnership between those of us incarnated on Earth and those of our allies working in the spiritual realms to manifest a sustainable harmony here on Earth. Drawn from the text, Ascension Magick by Christopher Penczak

6 Tuesdays – Feb 28, March 7, 14, 21, 28, April 4 (April 11 Snow Date)

Topics include:

Science of the Seven Rays

Alchemy of the Twelve Dimensions

History of the Modern Metaphysical Movement

Lords and Ladies of Shamballa

The Manu, Mahacohen and Planetary Teacher

Angelic, Faery and Star Allies

Communion with the Planetary Consciousness

Rituals of Personal Initiation

Crystal Magick, Meditation and Healing

Sacred Time Keeping and Aeonic Changes

Mythologies of Ancient Lands and Secret Histories

Sacred Geometry

Traditional and Modern Merkaba Teachings

The Shadow of the New Age