Witchcraft IV: The Temple of High Witchcraft –Online Year Long Apprenticeship

Many witchcraft practices are influenced by the traditions of high magick, a ceremonial tradition of magick focused on communion with the divine through the study of correspondences and models of the universe. Many of our modern Wiccan ancestors were also ceremonial magicians, and the grimoires of medieval magicians have undoubtedly influenced our own Books of Shadows. Explore the art and science of Witchcraft through the lens of modern ritual magick. Focusing on the element of Air as the overall tone for the fourth degree, work with different models of magickal understanding and communication. Drawing from the influences of Hermetic philosophy and Qabalistic lore, work deeply to balance the four elements within, finding the inner sacred tools of the stone, cup, sword and spear. Climb the ten spheres of the Tree of Life, exploring the magickal correspondences of each through color, scent, angel, god, planet and pathworking. Learn to adapt Ceremonial Magick rituals such as the pentagram protection rites to a witch’s perspective. Understand your own unique perspective of the universe and create your own Map of Reality. The Temple of High Witchcraft is the required textbook for course, and The Temple of High Witchcraft CD Companion is the required audio.


Class is conducted with monthly lessons done at your own pace within the month, supported by MP3 Recordings, supplemental Book of Shadows materials and syllabus tips and assignments, as well as an online community discussion email list with additional knowledge lectures from students and mentors. Students are expected to complete required classwork and homework assignments and submit them to a mentor or instructor for review. Witchcraft I, II and III are prerequisites except in unusual circumstances. Students are also required to participate in the Mystery School Mentorship program by mentoring at least one student at a previous level.

Please register in advance. Payment $300.

Part of the Temple of Witchcraft’s Mystery School Training. Successful graduation confers Honored Membership of the Temple as a fourth degree student of the Mystery School.

Class begins in October 2016  For registration info and online application, please visit: